Changes for Website

To all my readers:

Recently, I purchased a domain under my name.  I’m not quite sure how this is going to arrange itself, but stick with me and we’ll get where we need to go in the end.  The new site is:  So far, I have transferred some of my work from this site to the new location just to see how it will shake out. You will find some new material located there, including my newest story which will be presented in a series.  I am including a teaser here in hopes you will visit me at my new house.

Welcome to the first installment of my latest story called:

Me and the Kid

The Kid.

It took days for me to wake up. It began with a headache. The headache of my life. Gradually, my eyes opened to a world fuzzy around the edges. Everything was black and white. Only black was white and white was black. Like a – what do you call it? – an old time photo film negative.

I couldn’t see much, but I could tell there was no one in the room but me. No one until the Kid walked in. I knew it was him. Nobody walked like the Kid.

“Is that you, Kid?”

“Yeah. Is that you?”

“Yes, I do believe it is.” Through the haze, I watched the Kid speak to his arm. No, that wasn’t it. He spoke at something on his arm. “You all right?”

“Yeah. I thought we lost you this time. If you hadn’t got that toothache, we’d never have found it.”

“What toothache? I take good care of my teeth.”

A sudden intense white light at the end of the tunnel blinded me to everything else. …

This story continues    —     “Me and the Kid” continued here.


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