1989 October (1)

Egret in Winter 2015


“Darling. It’s Gerry.”

“Whoever you are, it’s three a.m.”

“It’s Gerry.”

“Gerry? Really? You in the States?”

“No. Berlin. The Wall is coming down.”

“What wall?”

“The Berlin Wall, Darling. I’ll be home soon.”




“Is there a chance for us?”

“A year ago, you ran out on our wedding. It was all so ‘Cloak and Dagger.’ You dumped me at Heathrow and I haven’t heard from you since.”

“I found your number. I’ll find you. Is there a chance?”

“I cannot do it again.”

“I’ll resign.”

“When the Secret Service calls, you’ll go.”

“I …”

“Goodbye, Gerry.”


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