The Wherry

The Wherry

The Wherry

The Ulster team extracted the wherry from its watery grave. “It’s a sister to the one found in Norway last year!” Davidson ran to the truck to retrieve his photo file.

Supported by inflated padding and tied to the lowboy, the last of the saltwater drained from ancient wood. Davidson turned the key. The truck engine rumbled to life.

The Norwegian Expeditions van arrived and blocked the truck’s egress. “I believe that’s our boat.” Swensen stood beside the wherry, arms crossed over chest. “I’ll take over, now.”

Davidson objected.

Then, with a great crack, the wherry broke in two.


The End

The End

* * * * * * * * * * *

Written for Friday Fictioneers  A picture is presented, the writer creates a story in 100 words or fewer.  My Word Count = 99


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