Join the Dream Reader Club

Judith '94 or '95Hi. Good to see you.

Welcome to my blog site. Make yourself comfortable and choose a story or blog article from the many listed on my Front Page. Or for a more specific choice, look in the drop-down Menu to choose. When you are finished reading, I will ask you these few questions:

· Did you laugh – even silently in your mind?

· Were you surprised at something in the story – or by its ending?

· Did you see yourself in any of the characters?

· If you chose a story in which you are required to imagine the ending, did that work for you?

· Will you come back for more?

If you answered “Yes” to any one of the questions, I invite you to become a Charter Member of my Dream Reader Club. All you have to do is drop in once in a while and read one of my stories. For my part, I will write more stories with new plots, exciting endings, surprises and humor. I promise not to quit writing even after my fingers are worn down to the first knuckle.

Hope to see you again soon.Judith wields Hammer



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