Rings on My Fingers

1st Ring (2)

My First Sterling Silver Ring

When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I began to design jewelry.  Well, that was to design and redesign the same rings over and over.

I would find a scrap of paper, then trace the outline of my hand, changing my stubby fingernails to great long pointy ones with dramatic half-moons at the base.  Beginning with my ring finger, I would draw rings with impressive giant stones, mostly diamonds or emeralds, then proceed to draw as many rings as my hand could accommodate.Over time, I became the go-to person who would patiently and successfully untangle neck chains carelessly dumped (unfastened, of course) into jewelry box or junk drawer.Amethyst Ring in Tweezers1

My love for jewelry probably began when I was a toddler.  Being Mother’s firstborn, I was presented with a “baby ring.”  It was an inexpensive gold band large enough to fit on my chubby little finger, and which, I am sure, I quickly grew out of.  Mother kept it for years in her jewelry box, and finally released it to me – I’m not exactly sure when.  I wore it on a chain around my neck nearly every day for many years, and still do on occasion.

Ruby 1 Pinch 2Another piece I remember well was a gorgeous (hideous) giant emerald green ring (probably glass) which was way too large for my finger.  My birthstone is emerald which made this piece even more meaningful for me.

After I had the ring a very short time, I secretly wore it to school — against Mother’s wishes — and absent-mindedly left it on the sink in the girls’ bathroom.  When, in a panic in the middle of class, I remembered the ring and raced to the bathroom to retrieve it, it was nowhere to be found. Of course, it must have made its way into some other little girl’s pocket – the only logical explanation.

If I have a good thought about that loss, it is that the other little girl couldn’t wear the ring to school.  Being in a small town and a small school, I would surely have seen the ring and claimed it as my own.puzzle ring


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